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    Success Godis Money, #IamSuccessMoney

    is a creative and passionate entrepreneur. Success started her career in the mortgage and real estate industry in 2005 while studying Business Administration and Communication in college. Success has assisted with establishing and serving on numerous boards throughout her career including; The Black Chamber of Commerce, NAREB National Association of Real Estate Brokers at the city, state, and national levels.


    Success Money is a highly ambitious and resourceful professional; Success Money has lived and exceeded her name in all aspects of life. As the TPIN The Power Is Now Producer, Host, and Business Development Manager. Realtor with Keller Williams Beverly Hills, she is the point of contact for clients and real estate teams, often interacting with both daily. She drives the teams’ mission by actively scouting and building relationships with new clients and cultivating relationships with existing ones.


    With over 18 years of experience in business administration, finance, and working as a licensed realtor, Success has honed her organizational, interpersonal, and analytical skills and sharpened her business acumen. Her previous experiences have further empowered her with the knowledge and ability to help others and grow personally and professionally. She is complimented most for her positive mindset, always looking to impact others and help them to build a legacy for themselves. Success enjoys dancing, playing sports, and creating good times outside her busy career life. 


    CEO of Success Money Management Inc. Success and her associates provide professional consulting and coaching in business, real estate, taxes, events, tv, radio production, and advertising. Success host delicious Lunch & Learns and Prosperity Dinners providing group consultations, educational workshops, pitch parties, and networking events.


    House of Success Nonprofit | IPO.Shopping is a black business incubator located inside the Crenshaw Baldwin Hills Mall assisting designers, brands, and influencers with their business, branding, marketing, and sales. For an affordable fee, members get access to sell their items in person in the store and at events that we produce around the world and online. The proceeds help to benefit the House of Success, Homeless to Homeownership Campaign.

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